Automation and Full Audit Trail For Distribution of Policies and Procedures

Smart software that automates the roll-out of policies, procedures and risk assessments providing a digital audit trail to demonstrate understanding and acceptance.

WorkWize helps you manage understanding and compliance for ANY document in your organisation : Polices | Method Statements | Product Recalls | Brand Guidelines | Technical Updates and more


Policy Compliance and Sign Off Automation Online System

With workplace and regulatory compliance becoming more and more important, ensuring that staff have read and understood organisation's policies and procedures is a priority. Sending them by email doesn’t provide a robust audit trail to show compliance. That’s why you need WorkWize from EssentialSkillz, a smart system that helps to automate policy rollout and provide a full audit trail.


Upload existing policies and procedures (or create a new ones with our intuitive editor)


Roll out policies and procedures to employees by job role, location or organisation structure.


Track who has and who has not complied using the Compliance Dashboard


Simple Creation

We provide you with simple tools to edit the template, add training content if required and even add a test to check understanding, so you can easily roll out new policies and procedures with just a few clicks

Automatic distribution

Use the system to select by job role, region, department – any way you want to group people. The system sends automated emails and reminder emails letting people what they need to do and when

Full Audit Trail

From the moment you create your policies and procedures, our system tracks all events, so you have a complete picture of compliant and non-compliant employees in your organisation


New or existing policies and procedures rolled out in minutes

Our user friendly tools help to streamline the whole policy creation and distribution process.  You don’t need to recreate your existing documents or move them from your secure servers. Just login to our system and use our template to create a beautiful page – then either upload your policy, or link to it. Employees can then be automatically issued with the policies relevant to their job role and sent an email from the system letting them know what they need to do. The employees login, view the policies and then apply an electronic signature to confirm their understanding, acceptance and adherence to the policy. A full audit trail including the electronic signatures is stored in our comprehensive management software. Simple.


Comprehensive Compliance Reporting

The powerful WorkWize reporting suite provides a top down view of reporting – you can drill in to any part of the organisation and use custom fields to organise your data. Every report is dynamic, so from a Compliance report for the whole organisation, you can be looking at an individual compliance record of an employee in just a few clicks. Configurable reports give the flexibility to look at your compliance data the way you need to.

  • Compliance Dashboard
  • KPI Reports
  • Configurable Reports
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Export data from reports
  • Email employees directly from reports


WorkWize Can Connect To Your Systems

Using our established integration solutions, WorkWize can pull employee data from your existing systems so you don’t have to maintain another database and manually send policies to new employees. We can also push data back into your systems if you wish, so that compliance can be tracked in your HR or management system. Long story short, the whole process is automated to create “Closed Loop Compliance”, where your policies are automatically rolled out to the people that need them, when they need them – even for periodic sign off.


WorkWize Works on Any Device

You can administrate WorkWize from any device. If you need to amend the settings or update employees' details on the go, you can do it. More importantly employees can go through the Sign Off process on any device, so if you have employees based in the field the process will be just as fast.


WorkWize: The Efficient Solution

There are many ways to roll out your policies and keep compliance across the whole organisation.
WorkWize is the only one that really works!

Functionality WorkWize Email Notice Board
Policy delivered directly to employee -
Ensure user understanding with a test - -
Confirmation with digital signature - -
Automated roll out of polices - -
Comprehensive Compliance Reporting - -
Integration with HR systems - -
Integration with Compliance eLearning - -

With WorkWize you can deploy any policy in less than 10 minutes


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