Employee Education and Awareness

WorkWize from EssentialSkillz is a smart system which helps organisations improve employee education and awareness.  It helps address the risks associated with systems, people and technology.  With increasing technological advances, especially in smartphones and tablets, policy awareness, compliance and security are paramount.

Our robust, automated policy rollout system ensures users have received, read and agreed to company policies.  

Policies can be rolled out to specific user groups. Employees can login, view the policies and then apply an electronic signature to confirm their understanding, acceptance and adherence to the policy. A full audit trail including the electronic signatures is stored in our comprehensive management software.

A Comprehensive reporting suite allows a top-down view of reporting – you can drill into any part of the organisation and use custom fields to organise your data.

WorkWize can connect to your systems.  It is simple and convenient with no software installation required by the end user.

Furthermore, you can administrate WorkWize from any device. If you need to amend the settings or update employees' details on the go, you can.  More importantly, employees can go through the Sign Off process on any device. If you have employees based in the field the process will be just as fast.

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