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What if we told you we could have your policy set up and distributed in under 10 minutes? Here’s the deal – we’ll take one of your policies and show you in 10 minutes how we can create the Policy Sign Off in our system, enrol users on the policy, launch the policy as a user and sign it off. All in under 10 minutes!

Then, we will show you how WorkWize software is great for compliance, with digitally signed proofs on who read and accepted your policies plus comprehensive Compliance Reporting.

To challenge our system we need just 2 things

  1. One of your existing policies in an digital format such as Word or PDF.
  2. A short amount of your time to show you how the whole thing works!

Still unsure? This is what online Policy Sign Off can do for your organisation:

  • Controlled Policy Access – Target employees with policies relevant to them
  • Tracking and Compliance – see who received, opened and signed the policy and importantly, who didn’t
  • Detailed Compliance Reporting – our software allows you to access to comprehensive reports on compliance levels across your organisation
  • Test Knowledge – Add training content or tests to ensure employees understand the policies
  • Electronic Signature – Compliance Certificates with an electronic signature for every employee
  • Automated roll out – Automatically push policies to employees for sign off and set automated schedules for employees to re-sign

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